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While every Paul Gray build will differ slightly from one to the next, the construction process and the progression from selections through to settlement follows roughly the same timeline.

Building Process Brochure

Phase 1

Pre - Site

Admininstration phase of your new build

Be inspired by our large range of residential , acreage and two storey homes whilst meeting your new Sales Consultant . All our plans are fully customizable, meaning you can get creative when it comes to the things you find most important in your home. We also have an extensive range of standard inclusions at your disposal.
Once we’ve created the perfect blueprint for your dream home, your Sales Consultant will provide you with your ‘New Home Estimate’, a rough breakdown of the overall cost of your build. After this initial quote has been approved by you, we then ask you to fill out and sign an ‘Agreement to Proceed’ and pay an initial $3,000 deposit fee to cover the costs we start to incur as we asses your site and begin to prepare your plans.

Here is where you’ll begin personalizing the inside and outside of your new home. Choose from a large selection of fixtures and colors in your 1-on-1 appointment with our highly experienced colour consultant. We highly recommend having a pre-colour appointment with your Sales Consultant before your allocated colour consultation, this will allow you to be much more prepared and less overwhelmed.

After your appointment, you will receive a copy of your colour selection out lining your choices, upgrades, and changes. Please note that any changes made after this appointment are subject to and may result in additional costs and processing delays during administration stage.

Once your plans, quote and colour selection have been finalised it's time to lock it all in! You will be given a copy of your final plans, specifications, contract, quote, and terms of engagement to look over in your own time. After you have looked over your documents, our administration team will organise a time for you to come into our office and officially sign them off. You will receive both a digital and hard-copy version of your signed documents for yourself and your finance company.

Upon completion of contract signing, you will be given an invoice for 5 % of your contract price. This goes towards the preparation of permit and consent documents listed in the next step. If your finance company needs an approved building permit and stamped plans before releasing these funds, let our team know and we will happily continue to apply for your approvals. If not, your job will be placed on a hold until proof of payment has been received.

We now move onto submitting your signed contract documents for approval with both local council and your relevant building surveyor . Once we have all the relevant reports collated, we’ll then begin preparing and applying for your building permit!

Once we receive your approved building permit, full 5 % deposit AND unconditional finance approval, we’re officially granted approval to start the construction of your new home! You’ll receive notification of your approved building permit from our administration team, as well as an official start date letter. Get excited, this is where the magic really happens...

As per your contract, we have 14 days to get on-site after we’ve received both your permit and finance. This gives us time to start coordinating trades and allows your supervisor time to study your plans and specifications

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Phase 2


The official start of your new build

The first stage of construction is to begin preparing your site. Excavators will be out on site putting together the platform for your home, and any required retaining walls will also be completed. Your site supervisor will also be in contact with you at this stage to introduce themselves, they’ll be your number one point of contact moving forward.
This is the first major milestone of your new home. The foundations will be dug and set, and the laying of your concrete slab will begin. On completion of this stage your first progress payment will be invoiced, this being 10% of your contract price (including any variation costs regarding this stage).
Our carpenter team will now move on to erecting your wall frames and roof trusses , with your site supervisor paying close attention to detail. Not only will you be able to really visualize your new home at this stage, but changes start happening very rapidly – soak it in! On completion of this stage your second progress payment will be invoiced, this being 15% of your contract price (including any variation costs regarding this stage).
Now we move onto the brickwork, roof tiles, external doors, windows, and our local plumbers and electricians will come in and plumb/wire your home. For the first time, your house begins to look like a home. On completion of this stage your third progress payment will be invoiced, this being 35% of your contract price (including any variation costs regarding this stage).
After we’ve completed the exterior, it’s time to move on inside. During this stage, plaster is installed to all your internal walls and ceilings. We’ll also install skirting boards, architraves, kitchen cabinets, internal doors, and all bathrooms. On completion of this stage your fourth progress payment will be invoiced, this being 25% of your contract price (including any variation costs regarding this stage).

You are now at the very final stage of construction – time sure does fly! This stage will see all the finishing touches come together. Painting and tiling will be completed, carpet laid, and any further plumbing and electrical connections finalised. The remaining elements of your kitchen will be installed, and shower screens, mirrors, and towel rails will be installed in your bathroom/s . On completion of this stage your fifth and final progress payment will be invoiced, this being the remaining 10% of your contract price (including any variation costs regarding this stage).

Once this stage is complete your site supervisor will perform various quality - control checks and work closely with our administration team to apply for your Occupancy Permit. They will also be in contact with you to organise a time for your official walk-through.

Once we receive your approved occupancy permit and final progress payment, we arrive at the end of your build journey – congratulations! Your new home has now been completed and is ready for you to move in. Your site supervisor will be in contact with you as soon as possible to arrange a time for you to get your handover bag and keys!
3 months after handover our maintenance department will be in contact with you to schedule a maintenance inspection. If you have any thing that needs to be looked at, let our team know during this time and we’ll be right there to lend you a helping hand. We hope you’ve been absolutely loving your new home!